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Sell a Home with Fire & Flood Damage

Transform disaster into opportunity: Guidance in selling a home with fire and flood damage.

Are you attempting to market a residence that has been affected by fire or water damage?

At Helping Homeowners, we’ve assisted numerous individuals in Denver with selling their homes under challenging circumstances.

We’d like to provide some guidance because, despite the damage to your home, it doesn’t mean you can’t secure a substantial amount of money when selling.

Consider the following points:

Verify with your homeowners insurance provider to inquire about potential coverage for repair costs. If coverage is available, inquire about the extent of the financial assistance they can provide.

Address the damage to flooring, walls, and other affected areas from fire or flood prior to listing your house on the MLS. Potential buyers generally expect these repairs, and the expense will fluctuate depending on the degree of damage and the coverage offered by your insurance.

Keep in mind Smoke Residue: Fires can lead to persistent stains and odors caused by smoke in your residence. Exercise caution while employing a chemical sponge to eliminate these effects.

Look out for mold – Fires and floods can lead to mold growth, so be watchful for any signs of mold damage and deal with it on time when you find it.

Consider selling to a pro homebuyer – If dealing with all this feels like too much, we get it. We buy homes in any condition, pay cash, and can close in 1-2 weeks. Call us at (720) 640-3640 for a fair cash offer.

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